Based in Emilia Romagna, in what is the Italian textile district par excellence, Chez Moi is an Italian company directed by Alessandro Zini, a young entrepreneur with plenty of experience in the textile industry, who believes in the quest for beauty and refinement in all aspects of daily life. The home décor sector has therefore been enhanced with a range of household linen in elegant fabrics, with a preference for pure linen, thanks to its healthy and quality characteristics.
Table linens and curtains, bed linen, terry-cloth and/or pure linen towels, cushions and accessories, bread bags and jewel bags, plaids and dishcloths are all part of the Chez Moi range for a young home full of daily luxury.
The household linen collection is completed by the Luxury Accessory Collections and Chez Moi Cuccioli, designed for babies and children, where the fashion component goes hand in hand with the undisputable healthiness of linen and the quality of Italian craftsmanship, both of which ensure the protection of children’s health.
Chez Moi stands out in terms of its skilful and all-Italian production process, distinguished by artisan techniques and a modern spirit.
The linen we use comes from Russia and is renowned for its outstanding quality. After careful sorting to eliminate any defects, the raw material is garment dyed in a broad range of colours which are renewed every season and made available in an assortment of fashionable shades.
The fabric thus obtained is decorated, in a sober and elegant way, with laces and applications to enhance its young and refined appeal.
The product then again undergoes a stringent quality control to ensure the absence of any defects, compliance with customer requirements, fabric texture and colour tone, and to make sure it is suitable for end presentation and perfuming, the very last production stage.
Different gram weights, garment dyeing, large catalogue assortment, cutting-edge production process and up-to-date taste have resulted in Chez Moi products quickly becoming popular and ensured their widespread distribution in Italy and in those countries where Made-in-Italy products enjoy a strong appeal and quality craftsmanship is held in high regard.
The selection of stores to represent the company, in terms of positioning and customer characteristics, is an aspect we do not neglect, as is the friendliness and helpfulness of all the Chez Moi staff, who always do their best to satisfy any special requirements or personalization requests of end customers.